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Ceaseless Pursuit

Helping Black Christian Millennial Women Get Unstuck & Stop Self-Sabotaging

Digital Workbook: The Self- Sabotage Cheat Sheet

 Girl...can we keep it real for a second? You're probably killing it in a lot of areas of your life. And then, well, there are others areas...let's just say it's not too pretty. It's driving you crazy that you can't seem to get mastery over certain aspects of your life. I mean, you've got goals! But there's something keeping you from following through and accomplishing them. That, girlfriend, is what we call self-sabotage. And if all of this has been resonating with you, you're probably in a self-sabotaging pattern of your own. That's why you need this workbook! It's 21 pages of thought provoking goodness that breaks down each and every step to help you shatter your self-sabotaging pattern(s) for good! Trust me. You need this. If you work this workbook, it will work for you! I can't wait to hear how this digital workbook and some effort on your part completely transforms your life! 


E-Workbook: Black, Christian, Degreed, & Still Unfulfilled?



High-achieving women often struggle to separate their identities from their performance. This causes them to lose sight of who they really are and seek fulfillment from what they do. But doing something isn't enough to fulfill you. You have to become someone!

This jam-packed workbook was designed specifically with this woman in mind to challenge her with juicy thought provoking questions and coach her with exercises to move her closer to her goals.

Are you Black, Christian, Degreed, and Still Unfulfilled?

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