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What the girls are saying about Seanita...

"If you're looking for a life coach, I would 100% recommend Seanita...her services have truly helped me in ways that I didn't even realize I needed help. And, I truly can say she's like your homegirl who holds you accountable. She's not gonna let you get away with anything, She's not gonna let things slide...She's going to hold you accountable to the goals you've set. She's going to make you think about, 'why am I doing this? why am I not doing this? what's going on?' She's going to walk you through that process..." 



I just want to say Coaching with Seanita has been extremely amazing!! She has been very intentional about hearing my story and pulling out the areas of improvement. She continues to encourage and support me to do the hard work needed so I can reach my fullest potential. She has equipped me with the tools and techniques required for my next level of fulfilling purpose. I can honestly say that since beginning coaching sessions with her, I have found myself to be more focused on improving my life so that I am able to fulfill the vision God has given me!  



What She Said about 1:1 Coaching...

When I reached out to Seanita to possibly be my life coach, I didn't know what to expect. I knew she offered a consultation and figured depending on how that call went, I would determine if I'd move forward with having her as my life coach forreal. She is truly gifted because after our first brief consultation, I felt inspired and encouraged to figure out my life. Seanita pushes me to think about what I'm good at and what my skills are to help develop my passions. Currently, I feel like I'm walking towards my calling and that's all because Seanita has helped me clearly develop my thoughts, make a plan, and put things into action. It's not all figured out. But, with her help I've been able to get a lot closer than where I was before.


"I had always been a little intimidated about working with a coach. Silly I know, but who wants to admit they have short-comings?! However, I experienced a dark and uncertain period where every area of my life seemed to be falling apart. In my distress and incredibly high anxiety, I set my ego aside and reached out to Ceaseless Pursuit Coaching. Through honest conversations I was eventually able stop being so hard on myself. I learned to acknowledge my "wins" and stop focusing only on the negatives in my life, and so much more. When we first began I was in survival mode and could barely feel good about tomorrow.  By our fifth session I was feeling emotionally AND physically better. The pit in my stomach was gone and I began to feel capable in my ability to handle the season of unrest I was in. She has this amazing gift of asking the right questions and noticing behaviors and patterns I had overlooked most of my life. I highly recommend Ceaseless Pursuit Coaching and I'm so glad I did it."


Since I've been doing sessions with Seanita, she has provided me with a lot of tools and clarity to become unstuck. Along with clarity, she has really pushed me to push passed by comfort zone and provided me with practical tools that I need to conquer my goals. Her words have also helped me in making important decisions and processing my emotions regarding fears and insecurities that inhibit me from walking in my God given purpose. Seanita is intentional and impactful with her words so that makes her an amazing coach. I'm really thankful that God opened a door for me to be one of her clients because my experience has been great so far and i'm looking forward to continuing to work with her.

- Tori

What She said about the workshops...

Unpacking Your Story Workshop Attendee:

The Strength in Your Story Workshop Attendee:

The Strength in Your Story Workshop Attendee:

 Participants at our conference enjoyed the Unpacking Your Story workshop led by Seanita.  On our feedback forms people actual noted her class and the materials that she provided were the best part of our entire 3-day conference.  She was able to assist us in reflecting on key areas of our past that actually impacted the lives we live now.   


The Strength in Your Story Workshop Attendee:

The Strength in Your Story Workshop Attendee:

The Strength in Your Story Workshop Attendee:

 "If I didn’t know Seanita, I would not have known that The Strength in Your Story Workshop was her very first event. She has a very outgoing and compassionate spirit that really showed through as she spoke to the ladies in attendance. Her openness about her own story encouraged us to get involved in the conversation and exercises to share our stories as well. Seanita gave us great examples of how to reframe negative thoughts to have a positive outlook about ourselves and others. I left her workshop inspired and excited about living my story. When she has another event, I will definitely attend."


What else She said about 1:1 Coaching...

"I was initially hesitant about starting individual coaching services with Seanita. I was afraid to hear about everything I needed to do in order to become who I wanted to be. But even more so, I was afraid I didn’t have the ability to actually do it. What I found was that Seanita offered me something I could not give myself; she offered me grace, compassion, hope, and strength. I appreciated her ability to help me process, but also help me implement very concrete and tangible plans for forward movement. I felt empowered and encouraged and I’m so thankful to her for helping me to see, acknowledge and live out my full potential."


 These life coaching sessions with Seanita has been very rewarding. At first, I was hesitant because I thought that no matter what I did I would never be the person I knew I was created to be. Working with Seanita has changed my perspective and helped me to realize that I CAN and WILL be that amazing woman I’ve always dreamed of. I realized during our sessions that I’ve been so used to doing things a certain way for the longest time, but now that way of life isn’t working for me. I am someone who is really hard on myself and Seanita has taught me to turn negative thinking into positive affirmations that I speak over myself daily. These sessions has stirred up something in me and I have made the decision that I will not quit. I’m so excited about what’s to come and I recommend Ceaseless Pursuit to all woman who are second guessing how dope they are. As for me, I know now that I AM dope and have a lot of great things going for me!  


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